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We have attempted to make this site as authoritative and as complete as possible by providing as much information as we could obtain from our high school years. If there is anything missing send it to us and we will include it on our site. We also strive to publish as much current information as we can obtain regarding classmate functions, events and reunions.

Cocoa High School Class of 1965 Facebook Group
While this website is updated periodically during the year our class facebook group is dynamic and constantly updating in real time. We currently have over 225 members in our group which also includes classmates from other adjacent classes and high schools. The class facebook group is the best way to keep up with classmates on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Please consider joining this group. If you are not a facebook member it will only take a few minutes to join and it is free.

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Classmates in Need of Prayer


     Jim Berry                          Linda Speckman Oliver             Jeff & Carol Murdock

Jim Berry, Linda Speckman Oliver and Jeff and Carol Murdock are in a difficult period in their lives. Both Jim and Linda have been recently diagnosed with cancer. Jeff and Carol Murdock recently lost their son Scott. Please join the rest of the class in offering your prayers and support for these classmates.

We have pasted various Facebook posts on the following pages:  Jim Berry     Linda Oliver     Jeff & Carol Murdock
Individual Facebook page links:  Dorothy Denzer Berry    Linda Speckman Oliver    Carol Murdock

   50th Year CHS/CBHS Class Reunion   

The reunion committee has started planning the 50 year class reunion.
The reunion will be held on Friday and Saturday, March 13 -14, 2015 at a hotel on Cocoa Beach.
Planning information from the reunion committee can be found HERE

Viewer comments are asking where all the guys are. I must assume that they all stayed home to clean, wash clothes and cook so that the women could attend the meeting.

Important Announcement from the CHS Class of 1964
We have been asked to forward this invitation from the Class of 1964 for all members of the Class of 1965 to join them at their Icebreaker Party on Friday night, May 16, 2014 from 5:00P.M to 10:00PM. on the upper pool deck of the Doubletree Hotel on Cocoa Beach. This will be the opening event of the 50th Reunion for the Class of 1964 and they have requested that any members of the Class of 1965 who may be interested to join them at the Icebreaker Party.

Annual Class Events
 Annual Mosquito Beaters Reunion and CHS Class of 1965 Mini Reunion  (March 13 & 14, 2015)

The Annual Mosquito Beaters Reunion happens the second Friday and Saturday of March. The Class of 1965 holds a mini-reunion at the same time so classmates can attend both events during the weekend. NOTE: The mini reunion normally held with Mosquito Beaters will not be held by the Class of 65 since we will be celebrating our 50 year class reunion at that time.

 CHS Class of 1965 Mini-Reunions during the year
 (next one is July 19, 2014)
There are generally three mini-reunions held during the year usually the second weekend of March, July and November. The March mini-reunion is held in conjunction with the Annual Mosquito Beaters Event.

Photos from Class Events Held in 2012 - 2013

Photos taken at the March 2013 Mosquito Beaters Event and the mini-reunion
Photos taken at the November 2012 mini reunion held at the Elk's Club in Cocoa, Florida
Photos taken at the July, 2013 mini reunion at the Elk's Club in Cocoa, Florida

Photos of Girls in the Mountains, August, 2012

Celebration of Life for Tom Whatley

Photos taken at the November 9, 2013 Mini Reunion




Most Recent Event Photos

March, 2014 Mini Reunion and the Annual Mosquito Beaters Gathering



Past Reunions

1975          1985          1995          2000          2005          2010          2015         2025


All Posts from Previous Years

   Postings from 2011-2012

Postings from 2005 - 2011


Classmate Military Service Records

There has been some interest is establishing a listing for those classmates who served in the military. We have established an input form where you can enter your military service records and can view the military service of other classmates. 

Click HERE to input your military data

 Click HERE to see the military experience of classmates


Classmate Obituaries from 2014

Click HERE


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1964 Sandscript Yearbook

1965 Sandscript Yearbook

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