2008  emails received from the Class of 1965


The Sensitive Man - from Steve Benn

What does it smell like - from Manny Gutierrez

Dear Abby - from Manny Gutierrez

More of Dear Abby - from Manny Gutierrez

a recent drug bust - from Steve Benn (0nline 4.26 megs)

Chatting on a plane - from Steve Benn

this week in history - from Steve Benn

a sign of the times - from Steve Benn

What's in a name - from Manny Gutierrez

life-saving maneuver - from Manny Gutierrez

a dangerous warning from the Middle East - from Manny Gutierrez

always be positive - from Steve Benn

Lovers of Words - from someone you may know


food for thought

the Triumph of Desire against Maximum Adversity - from Manny Gutierrez

an awesome ending to a high school basketball game - from Bob Mayo

the Cat and the Crow - from John Hower

Red Shirt Friday - from Bob DeWitt


items from the past


thoughts from 1953 - from Rebecca Corbitt Hudson

a clip from the Johnny Carson Show - from Linda Speckman Oliver  (online 4.09 megs)

other stuff

Important Personal Privacy Issue - your online drivers license with photo & ID - received from Steve Benn

Tell it like it is - from Ed Moyer