2009 Emails received from Classmates

Interesting stuff 

a Tale of Two Houses - from Manual Gutierrez

How to fix the economy - from Linda Joiner Kolumbus


Humorous stuff 

Shooting Stars Finally Explained (1.91M wmv file) - from Steve Benn

the Al Gore Effect - from Steve Benn

Trunk Monkey (4.92M)- you have to see this one !

Saying the right thing at the right time - from Linda Joiner Kolumbus


Too stupid to be true 

actual 911 call (392K wmv file) - from Steve Benn

They walk among us - unknown



the Time Capsule 

take me back to the 60's - from Linda Speckman Oliver 

Whatever Happened to the Our Gang Cast - from Linda Joiner Kolumbus


Offsite Videos 

Louis Armstrong - It's a Wonderful World - from both John Hower and Linda Speckman Oliver



role model - from John Hower