Who came to the 50

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Linda Joiner Kolumbus and guest

Rebecca Corbitt

Bill McKnight and Nancy Booth Horton ('64)

Mary Repass and guest

Cheryl Wermuth ('66)

Johnny Waits

Bob Mayo

Margie Wiedmann Burr and guest
Annita Bramlett Megregian and guest
Manuel Gutierrez and guest

Dale Chemerys McGlothin

Larry Johnston

Mary Schindehette Gregory

Robert DeWitt and guest

Anita May McClure and guest

Peggy Adamson Johnson and guest

Jay Riches and guest

Judith A Link Dodd and Richard P Dodd **

Douglas Fountain and Jane Beard Fountain **

Carol Cook Murdock and Jeff Murdock ('64) **

Linda Tidwell Johnston and guest

 Susan Harward Barwell and guest

David Conley and Beverly Bray (MIHS '70) Conley **

Frank Rogers-Witte and Ann Calvin Rogers-Witte ('63) **

Thomas Zimmerman

Rickey Johnston Wallace

Mary Ellen Williams Wright and guest

Julie Millett Clark and guest

Mike Thomas and guest

Bill Carew

Donna Jorfi Hem and guest

Patricia Latham

Ramona Meyers Van Hoff and guest

Dottie Bell Russ

Jane Ross Wood and guest

Ricky Shotwell and guest

John Letasky

Glenda Bell Bromer

Donna Roesch Durden and guest

Wayne Hunt and guest

Vivian Granger Shay and guest

James Berry and Dorothy Denzer Berry ('66) **

Roy Good and Carolyn Anderson Good **

Kenneth Peeples

Donna Wike Witek and guest

Thomas Welborn and Wanda Hattaway Welborn ('66) **

Fran Kelly Myatt

Jan Weinberg Boren

 Betsy Upsal Buzzelli and guest

Randall Klebs and guest
Gray Ringo Boot and guest
Raulie Morse and guest
Gale Bennett Edington and guest
Joyce Crisafulli
William Shearer and guest
John Dutcher and guest
Rita Hattaway Cain
Dennis Harrington
James Armstrong ('66)
Susan Storm Houser and guest

Kathy Hudgins Richards

Diane Vickers Oliver and guest

Sara Reid Hansen

Sarah Sears Fulford

Eric Rhodes and guest

Lee Harman and guest

Marian Lacy Alderson and guest

Ed Sears

Johnny Hobby and guest

Joe McGuire and guest

Joan Realino-Robinson

William Sellers and guest

Mike Robinson and guest
Rebecca Buchert Ainsworth and guest

Joseph Rudolph and guest

John Nero and guest

Joseph Hester

Sandra Brewer Fitzgerald and guest

Marilyn Hemenway Todd

Lucy Neely

Sheryl Williams ('63)

Frank Repass ('67) and guest

Gloria Hewett Thompson and Brien Thompson **

Mike Leonard and Mary Stewart Leonard ('66) **

Elizabeth Granger

Byron Cobb

Bonnie Sayre Venable

Linda Speckman Oliver and Jane Speckman Garcia (MIHS '66)

Tom Jones and guest

Pam McNeill Bates and guest

Brian Weeks and guest

Alan Wehner and guest 

David Jenkins and guest

Diane Lloyd Hickenbottom and guest

Bill Stein and guest

Cherry Whitehurst Baugher
Barbara Schaffner Conner and guest

Bob Fuhrel

Cheryl Welder Tarbox

Taffy Grantham

Mary Lu Baker Tombleson and Larry M. Harvey ('63)

William Pichel

Carole Pierce Roberts and guest

Philip Walter and guest

Nina Granger ('67)

Alan Zimmerman

Voncile Burkett Franklin and guest

Donald Renfro

Thomas Henry

Larry D'Amico

Warren Cowart ('64)

Judith Thurlow Bailey

Roy Elkins

 Jan Dixon-Tryba
Ava Poole Holiday

Kerry LaRoache Curtis and guest


total : 184


(CBHS grads are listed in blue)

** denotes classmates who married classmates