the Class of 1965 Medical Advice

This is a fortunate day for you for the doctor is in ! While he does not have a cure for all of your ailments he can offer you some temporary relief.


Do you suffer from all the other ailments experienced by the classmates of the class of 1965 ?

loss of energy

loss of libido

loss of hair

way too much stress in your life

way too much fat in your diet

long periods of inactivity

occasional feelings of loneliness

Would you like to spend a few days reliving your teenage years, surrounded by people from your teenage years, in a place that is situated where you spent your teenage years, associating with people you spent your teenage years with, reliving some of your teenage adventures, maybe visiting some of those special places you remember from your teenage years, dancing to music you remember from your teenage years and maybe, just maybe, finally getting up enough courage to ask that special person for a dance - the one that you were always scared to ask. If you answer "YES" to this then the doctor has a temporary cure for you.





Here is the doctor's prescription !