We have received some interesting emails from Steve and Manny which just might bring a little cringe of a smile to your face. Check them out! Just click on the mailman to the left.

We are attempting to locate our lost classmates. These are individuals for which the Reunion Committee has no forwarding address. We have exhausted all avenues in our search for them and we need your help. If you know the whereabouts of any of these individuals please forward that information to us. If you can provide us with any additional information on these individuals which may assist our search efforts please forward that information to us as well.  We will continue to scour the internet and other sources of information in an effort to locate at least some of them. Hopefully, some of them may find this site on their own.

Lost or Misplaced Classmates - Help us find them !

Classmate News

Janna and I were up in the mountains yesterday when I discovered a previously unknown species of plant. I named it Octavius Magnus. Received from John Hower (editor's note: I don't know John.....kinda looks like a Pacific Mountain Laurel to me !)


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"I Loved Her First"
We have been able to obtain a copy of the band's song "I Loved Her First". Click the button to listen to it now !
Linda Joiner's son-in-law (Kelly's husband) and his band have signed a record contract with Lofton Creek Records. Read Linda's email and visit the band's
web site. You will not be disappointed.       http://www.heartlandcountry.cc/


Manny has asked for our prayers in the swift and complete recovery on his wife Dory from breast cancer. You can read more of this in Manny's email.



Dale needs our help !
A Situation has occurred whereby Dale has asked for our prayers for her daughter Whitney and baby "Elijah". Click on Dale's email for more information.





Prayers Are Needed