2005 Photos of Classmates

Send us a current photo of yourself or else send us a photo of someone else and claim that it is a photo of you !


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Bob DeWitt

I'll bet this was taken at Christmas !

Ed Moyer

Does his sweatshirt say "Tennessee" ?

Frederick Pessaro

and I suppose that this is his backyard and his house cat huh?

Bob Mayo on Mt. Pisgah with his friends

Hey Fred, bring that little kitty over here !

William Cone

Can anyone tell me which one of these guys is William Cone?

Carol Cook Murdock

with husband Jeff (CHS"64)

Mary Schindehette Gregory

and family

Linda Ricks Poff

I assume this is in the new house

2005 Reunion Committee

2005 Reunion Committee

2005 Reunion Committee

Mary Repass, Vivian Granger Shaw, Donna Roesch Durden, Becky Corbit Hudson, Eric Rhodes, Pam McNeil Bates, Diane Llyod Hickenbottom, Bob DeWitt, Dale Chemerys McGlothin, Pat Dewey Tash, Bill Carew, Grey Ringo Boot & Susan Harward Barwell

2005 Reunion Committee

Look ! They're still smiling !

Doug Fountain paragliding in Lima. Peru