Known Deceased Class Members from CHS & CBHS


These are the 92 known deceased classmates from the Class of 1965 at Cocoa High School and Cocoa Beach High School. This listing includes only those classmates that we know have passed. There are probably many more. If you have any information on any classmate that should be added to this list would you please forward that information to us.

This listing has been compiled from various sources and some of the early lists that we obtained have not been verified.




Jeff Armstrong

Wayne Barksdale

Alex Barnett

Wayne Baxley

Linda Bek

Paul Bennett

Mike Benninghoff

John Richard Bowen

Kenneth Bowles

Phillis Butler

Gail Commander

William Bernard Cone

Edward Cook

James C Cowen

Kathleen Cunningham

Brian Dale

Gene Davis

Pat Donnell

Bill Draper

Tom Evans

Ralph Featherman

Tony Flow

Evelyn Fox

Pamela Friend

Bobby Fuhrel

Susan Gold

Jack Graves

Helen Gray

Sherrie Haney

Karyn Hertel

David Hord

Steve Hornyak

Margo Horton

Gary Huneycutt

Sally Hyden

Robin Jackson

Mike Kelly

Janet Kessel

Mike King

Chris Lallement

Sandy Link

Sally Long

Louis Van Hooser

Seth Matthews

Dennis McCammon

Gene Melvin

Judy Miller

Karen Musielak

Paula Napier

Linda Nightingale

Mike O'Dell

John O'Shea

Steve Olkowski

James Painter

Pete Paratore

Dewey Peavy

Mark Perry

Bill Petit

John Phelan

Donna Pierce

Buddy Rademacher

George W. Proferes

Ralph Risley

Robert Ritter

Helen Marie Rogers

Steve Roundtree

Steve Schwitters

Marjorie L Seifert

William Sellers

Gil Slatton

Billy Speigner

Steve Stepp

Pencie Sutton

Henry Dron Swindell

Thelma Louise Syfrett

Susan Tatzin

Judy Taylor

Rita Neal Taylor

Kenneth Terrell

Thomas Pfreundner

Gary Treese

Patricia Trick

Susan Turner

William Wade

Larry Walker

Jimmy Wallace

Patrick Walsh

Jonathan Waxman

Ronald Wells

Tom Whatley

William Wade

Roger Windom


last update: October 30, 2017