Emails between John Hower and Don Jennings

I have attached a series of e-mails to and from Uncle Don.  The first is one from Uncle Don to Charles, the second from me to Uncle Don, and the third from Uncle Don to me.
It appears that he greatly appreciated us having the reunion and inviting him - and that he knows how much we appreciate what he did for us so many years ago.
I don't think he would mind me sharing these or posting it on your website, Bob.
John The Great

Hello Charles,
Thanks again for putting together, and inviting me to the Great 8 Reunion.  Sylvia and I had such a wonderful time!  I can hardly express how satisfying it was to see how truly great you all have become.  I am so grateful to have been included and will remember the evening for years to come.
Could you please send me a list of everyone's email addresses.  It would also be nice if you could email any of the pictures that were taken as well.
(Could you include who's who so I don't get anyone mixed up)
I remember you mentioning a time capsule, can you please send me the particulars of when and where it will be opened.
Don C Jennings

Hi Uncle Don & Sylvia:
Charlie forwarded your e-mail, so I thought I would send you some pics of the big night!
I cannot tell you how much fun it was to reunite with all of my old Great Eight buddies at one time and place - and what really made the night was you two coming!  We were all just thrilled to see you again - especially since you seem to have hardly aged since the days when you were trying to teach us music, how to march, stay out of trouble, and generally trying to herd a bunch of disorderly cats!  I am glad that you are pleased with how we turned out!
As I told you that night - like many others, my band experience was without doubt the highlight of my high school days!  When I think about high school what I remember is the band - the trips, the concerts, the rehearsals, the great feeling of being part of a team effort to produce something really worthwhile.  And you made that all possible.  When you think about how many individuals were in your bands over the years - you have enriched a tremendous number of lives by your work.  If that isn't the definition of success, I don't know what is.  So - Thank you, very much!
I'll send a few pictures at a time because sometimes sending multiple pictures doesn't work for some reason.

I just want to let you know that in all my 30 years of teaching, the band that fostered the Great Eight was one of the most memorable and enjoyable.  The time Sylvia and I spent talking with you and reliving some of those moments, was certainly one of the highlights of the evening.
Having you call me Uncle Don brought back a flood of wonderful memories.
In the end we were much more than a just another high school band, we were more like a family.
Teaching is sort of like being a parent.  You try this and try that, all with the best of intentions, but you don't always know if what your doing is helping or not.  Sometimes you never know.  Thank you for letting me share in the credit for your success.
Don C Jennings