the Tales of the Tigers Tabloid

VOL 1, NO 1



Larry Johnston Exposed !


If was reported in the 1995 Directory that Larry Johnston was a successful pet owner and the below picture was included to prove his prowess at pet owning. Not believing this story for one moment this reporter went in search of the allusive pet. After many months of unsuccessful travels the allusive pet was finally found at the Gator Farm in Bonita Springs, Florida . This is conclusive proof that the fight between Larry and the Gator was a staged event to fool the public. The gator was so old and in such terrible condition that even I could wrestle this creature to a decisive win. It was later learned that John Siebenthaler ran over this animal on the way home from the bar one night. Folks, we have the pictures to prove it !


Larry wrestling his pet.

Hoax exposed when the illusive pet is found !

The final chapter

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