Summer 2007 Adventures

The week of August 11th found me traveling the back roads of the Tiger Nation in search of fellow classmates. Having spent the night in Vidalia, GA it was only as I approached Jesup, GA that I realized that I had missed a golden opportunity by not calling on William Blount. But we frequent Vidalia and will have other chances.

My route took  me from Vidalia to Brunswick, GA so I turned north and headed up I-95 to Darien. I entered the Boot Emporium in Darien but found it devoid of my intended target. I learned that there is now a second Boot Emporium in Brunswick and that my intended target was at that location which was only four blocks from where I had originally entered I-95 (wouldn't you know it !). I transverse my previous route since I would not be deterred in my goal of seeking out classmates.

I found the Mall of Brunswick and made a casual entry into the Boot Emporium. There I spied my intended target, on top of a ladder with his head stuck up in the ceiling . Folks, we have the pictures to prove it! I'm standing there below the ladder watching and Ed Moyer looks down and says "haven't you ever seen a fellow change a light bulb before?". It was only after Ed climbed down the ladder and I said "we went to high school together" that he realized who I was. The last time I saw Ed was  in 1988 outside of Franklin, NC.

Ed is the CEO and president of Boot Emporium. He owns two stores in Brunswick and Darien, GA . He is contemplating expanding his boot and casual cowboy lines to a web store with online ordering and we look forward to that expansion when it occurs.

Ed and his wife live in Brunswick and he took me to his house to see his gun collection. Being a history buff and having a fascination with old weapons I can only say that I was truly amazed at the vast collection that Ed has amassed.

Ed insisted on buying lunch at a local seafood restaurant where we relived many of our high school moments. My fondest memory of Ed was when he took me for a drive in his Jaguar XKE and got that thing up to 183 mph on Barnes Boulevard in Rockledge. And yes, the XKE speedometer did read speeds well over 183  but we were fast approaching the curve that crossed the railroad tracks and had to back off.

Ed is happy and healthy and we may have even talked him into attending the next reunion. We look forward to seeing Ed again sometime in the future.


My travels next took me to  Cocoa where I popped in on Steve Benn at the Brevard County Historical Commission located at Byrd Plaza.

Steve and I spent some time in the office getting caught up on local events. Steve keeps this web site updated on Brevard County historical events and is a frequent contributor of news and humorous articles. Steve and his wife Barbara live on Merritt Island.

Steve and I were good friends in high school and we have maintained that friendship ever since. Steve reports that other than Mary Repass-Friend, who he sees at commission meetings, that he has not seen any other classmates lately. Could it be that he has seen them but simply didn't recognize them? Mary is one of the few classmates that we all would recognize. The rest of us have changed so much (I will not use aged so much !) that our own classmates could not recognize us.


the Search for Ricky Shotwell

On my trip down I-95 I attempted to locate Ricky Shotwell. The best I could do was locate an individual who claimed she knew him.