Then & Now Photos of the Class of 1965



These photos have been gleamed from a variety of sources. I figure that if it is posted somewhere on the web and I can find it then it is fair game for inclusion here. If you would like for me to substitute the posted picture for another one then email it to me. We want to be able to recognize you at the next reunion !

Dennis Arter

Wayne Baxley

Dottie Bell

Robert Busk

David Conley

Carol Cook

Kathleen Cunningham

Janna Cushing

Paul Dellinger

Robert Dewitt

Steve Eshom

Bob Fuhrel

Manny Guiterrez

Charles Harris

Steve Headley

Marilyn Hemenway

John Hower

Linda Joiner

Lester Kahl

Darlene Martinez

Bob Mayo

James Monahan

Ed Moyer

Steve Parker

Fred Pessaro

Joan Realino

Mary Repass

Linda Ricks

Bob Robinette

Jane Ross

Mary Schindehette

Eddie Sears

Richard Sexton

John Siebenthaler

Joan Swafford

Cheryl Welder

Roger Windom

Henry Wolking

Tom Zimmerman