What are the Odds ?

Reunion 2010 Coverage

If Reunion 2010 is to be anything like Reunion 2005 was then I can promise you one thing - You will not be disappointed. Look at these faces. You see nothing but smiles and friendship. Start thinking about joining us at the next reunion. Send Bob DeWitt or one of the other reunion committee members an email and ask to join in on the planning stages of the next reunion. Contact other class members and get them interested. This may well be the last chance some of us have to attend a reunion and meet with friends from our past. This web site will keep you informed of all reunion committee plans and will provide as much information about the upcoming reunion as we can obtain.


Cocoa High first won the state football championship this year and then followed that up by winning the state basketball championship this year. This is only the third time in Florida history where one school has won both football and basketball championships in the same year. Way to go Tigers !
Congratulation to Cocoa High School on this unbelievable feat. Continue the Tiger tradition that was started many years ago and keep the school spirit alive.

Cocoa High School Basketball State Champs

Cocoa High School State Football Champs